Hi, thanks for being here.

For the first time in history, we have the power to influence humanity on the deepest level and shift the narrative for good. You can play a historic role in accelerating this new reality, if you find the right team...

That’s why we’ve been looking for you, if you are who we think you are.

Magic is a rally call. We’re assembling an un-fuckwithable tribe of digital rebels who are taking to the web to spark a conscious revolution. We’re banding together as brothers and sisters to harness the current system for the highest good.

Our mission is simple:


Digital marketing is a channel for instantaneous global influence. That’s the only reason we care about it. Otherwise, we’d be out on the street with a picket sign if we thought that did more good.

The reason our team is pulled forward by an untamable inner fire… the reason we put every iota of energy we have into driving results... is because the potential to leverage this technology for good is infinite.

Any given day our clients are fighting for democracy, legalizing plant medicine, bringing together global CEOs, shifting leadership paradigms, creating closed-loop economies, and solving BIG, systemic challenges.

We serve tens of millions of messages every week across 150+ countries. Anywhere there’s internet access, there’s Magic. Everyone who lays eyes on our messages is receiving an input that could alter their life - forever, for the better. That’s because we don’t sell products that fuel the head-spinning momentum of production and consumption. We sell things that fulfill a three-pronged purpose. Things that...

  1. Elevate human consciousness

  2. Regenerate the planet

  3. Enhance health and wellbeing

As a growing family of marketing mavens, copywriting aficionados, technical pros, media wizards, graphic artists, and visionary strategists, we are building the world we want to live in.

If you want the freedom to work anywhere in the world, doing work that fully aligns with your values, with a team that is fearlessly living their best lives and helping people and the planet thrive, then you’ve found your golden ticket.  

Because when you find your true purpose and the right people to turn your unreasonable dreams into a reality, do you know what happens?  


Please submit an application, and we’ll personally take a look.

Rock on,


Marcus McNeill
CEO | Magic


Copywriting Director



The Copywriting Director works closely with the Account Manager, Copywriter, Designer, and the client to ensure that our team’s creatives…

  • Meet our high standard of excellence

  • Are angled towards the known desires and needs of the customer avatar

  • Are designed for conversions

  • Embody the brand voice and stay within the clients’ brand guidelines

  • Are interactive, beautiful, powerful, aspirational, and most of all, not boring or fear-based. That’s not our vibe.

The Copywriting Director takes ownership of…

  • The ideation of copywriting angles for ads, landing pages, email campaigns, sales pages, and any other asset involved in the creation of their marketing funnel.

  • Providing training and guidance to copywriters and designers

  • Providing creative direction and feedback throughout the revision process


  • Is obsessed with direct-response copywriting and has experience creating assets at every stage of a funnel

  • Has a keen eye for design and enjoys conceptualizing new content

  • Can provide creative feedback in a patient, clear, and direct way that nurtures the skills of our growing team

  • Is committed to continuous growth and charting their own path

  • Gets meaning and purpose from working with clients that are changing the world as we know it (for real)

  • Has 3-5 years of experience working in copywriting and digital marketing.

  • Takes extreme ownership of their work




Crative Direction


Manage the Team

  • Create an advertising angle for the creatives

  • Conduct market research, including Customer Empathy Interviews,

  • Review clients brand assets

  • Collaborate with the Account Manager to determine a strategic approach

  • Lead creative brainstorm calls with the Copywriter and Designer to decide on angles and focal points for each target audience

  • Get creative feedback from the client and delegate revision requests to the team

  • Manage our Copywriters and Designers

  • Assess your team’s workload across multiple projects and keep the team on track to deliver on time

  • Make necessary changes to timeline and tasks to handle and challenges that arise

  • Post creative direction to Asana tasks for the Copywriters and Designers

  • Review content created by Copywriter and Graphic Designer and give constructive feedback for improvement


CLient Success


Be Awesome

  • Lead periodic calls with the client to give project updates and review performance of creatives

  • Take responsibility for the overall success of the creatives in our marketing campaigns

  • Bring your passion to work

  • Remain open and honest with your communication

  • Be radically open to feedback and willing to get outside of your comfort zone

  • Have fun

  • Take responsibility for your emotions

  • Take pride in your work

  • Never stop learning


Our team







Brendan has quarterbacked digital marketing teams for multi-million dollar online retailers, boutique agencies and Inc. 500 startups. He connects the dots between analytics and emotions that drive consumer behavior. His estimated career winning percentage in rock papers scissors is over 90% (he measures everything).

Marcus has led marketing strategy for 50+ companies, including names such as Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, Deepak Chopra, and Kim Eng. With a passion for sustainability, renewable energy, spirituality, and wellness, he aims to impact millions of lives through digital marketing in those industries. You may see him around Boulder wearing a purple top hat.







Mason has specialized in Facebook ad management for 10+ years. He's managed ad spends up to $1.3 million/month and is the wizard behind the campaigns of dozens of 7-figure businesses. Mason is, literally, a rock star. When he's not optimizing campaigns down to a hair trigger, you'll find him melting the faces off of screaming fans.

Gareth is a systems enthusiast and team galvanizer who has managed brand strategy and leadership development projects for international corporations. His passion lies in influencing personal, organizational, and societal transformation. He’s the type of guy who is so organized he pens “unstructured time” into his schedule.







Mary is a strategist and designer who helps clients clarify their purpose, uncover potential, and design for social impact. She approaches each project with a whole-systems lens, appreciative inquiry and equal parts science and soul. For the past 15 years, she has collaborated with leaders in education, the environment, food, farming and wellness to create strategies, stories and tools that wholeheartedly engage their stakeholders, grow their revenue and cultivate systems change…healthier communities, economies and ecologies.

Lindsay is a copyrighter who has spearheaded grassroots movements through marketing for international and local organizations. Her writing gives client's a microphone to speak directly to the hearts of their audience as her passion to make the world a better place shines through in every word. You can typically find Lindsay at a local coffee shop incessantly writing in her journal or crafting a story to help her client's change lives near and far.







With a passion for helping conscious companies bring their stories to light and gain exposure, Evonna creates design pieces that communicate deliberately and effectively. With a BFA in Communication Design from MSU Denver, Evonna has been working as a designer for the past five years. Evonna is a former athlete whose abilities in track and cross-country running gained her a full-tuition scholarship. Her desire to continually grow and seek new inspiration keeps her regularly traveling- exploring new cities and galleries both locally and abroad.

Paula has been managing projects in the tech/marketing industry since 2006. As a jack of all trades, she prides herself in being able to do whatever it takes see tech projects through to completion. All of those frustrating tech tasks that have you wanting to smack the computer are a delight for her to accomplish. 




We're looking for our go-to Copywriting Director for our core clients. We’ll start out working on a single project in a contractor relationship, and if all goes well, you’ll have the opportunity to work on more and more projects.

Compensation is determined based on your experience. Many of our client agreements include revenue-sharing, where you have the opportunity to share in the upside of their success, and bonuses are paid on performance.


Thanks for believing in Magic,


Marcus McNeill
CEO | Magic