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Page 1 on Google, in just 2 months



After redesigning their website, Closeline decided it was time to take another crack at SEO, despite years of disappointing results and wasted money in online marketing. This time, they wanted it to actually work.

Closeline provides a lot of value to their customers, but the title and escrow industry tends to have a lead-generation problem. In order to remedy this, we needed to find the perfect keywords to not only ensure consistent leads, but consistent HIGH-QUALITY leads, by generating as much organic traffic as possible from Google search.

Our Approach:

In order to maximize a limited budget, we created a lean SEO plan for Closeline. Our mission was to improve their keyword rankings, and organic search traffic, as much as possible within their time and money constraints.


To accomplish this, we...


Used our proprietary keyword research process

Used our proprietary keyword research process to select the top 25 keywords. The “best” keywords were chosen on two criteria: (1) opportunity to rank quickly, and (2) ability to drive high quality traffic.


Crawled their site using our SEO software

to identify any technical errors that were preventing Google from indexing and ranking their pages.


Rewrote their content

to update the page copy, titles and metadata and optimize the site to rank in searches based on our new keyword list.




Qualified traffic started rolling in, and Closeline acquired their first ever customer from SEO (and now generates new customers consistently each month, for free).

When work began on the site, the top 25 keywords ranked on page 5, on average, with zero keywords ranking above page 4. Customers weren’t able to find them buried 4-5 pages back in search results. After our sprint, these terms ranked on page 2 on average, with 3 keywords ranking on page 1. now sees about 1,000 visits per month from organic traffic, and that number continues to grow.


Case #2

Colorado Body Wisdom


increased adwords conversion rate by 5x



Colorado Body Wisdom offers health and wellness services – including massage therapy, acupuncture and mindfulness meditation – to clients in the Boulder area. This is a very competitive space in the tightly knit, health-conscious Colorado community. Many advertisers compete for previous Google searches on keywords like “massage therapy” in this geographic location. So, the marketplace is saturated with competitors, all aiming to serve a small city of 108,000 people.

AdWords is a live auction system. That means intense competition drives up the cost per click, and makes it tough to advertise profitably on Google. It’s especially true for a local business like Colorado Body Wisdom, who has to compete with national chains like Massage Envy or Elements Massage – which also have locations in Boulder.



We looked holistically at their adwords account, website, ecommerce platform and analytics stack.

We identified an array of opportunities to improve their AdWords account structure and landing pages to improve cost per click. We also added several layers of advanced analytics tracking, to provide more data about user behavior and figure out which keywords were most likely to generate conversions.


To accomplish this we...


Tripled the number of target keywords and segmented them

into extremely granular Ad Groups, and different campaigns with varying geo-targeting.This allowed us to see very specifically which niche keywords they could profitably bid on.


Built robust landing pages for each offering.

Using our expansive keyword list, we built and optimized unique landing pages for each Ad Group. We also created clear, carefully placed call to action buttons to optimize UX and increase conversion rate.


Rapidly tested different bidding strategies to lower cost per click.

We used frequent manual bid adjustments on each individual keyword, up to 3x / day, to rapidly test and figure out which keywords were most likely to convert. Then, we began to automate bidding strategies that proved successful.




I just 1 month, increased conversion rate in adwords by 5x, from under 0.25% to over 1.25%. CPC was reduced by 15%, and continues to go down every month.




the sater group

Sater Group

reduced cost per lead by 78%


our approach:



We took a holistic look at their entire marketing funnel, and optimized each step in the process. This included market research to identify their ideal target audience, rigorous testing of ad copy & design, and email automation to help effortlessly qualify leads and make sure the sales team spent their time wisely.


The Sater Real Estate Group had begun driving leads through Facebook advertising, but at $71 per lead capture, their cost per lead was far too high to be profitable. Plus, they were gathering scores of unqualified leads who did not convert into customers, which burdened the sales team with wasted time and effort. They knew they had a sweet niche – helping home buyers and sellers in the affluent suburbs of Boulder. But they needed to find the right customers, who could afford to own, or purchase, homes in this notoriously high-priced market.


To accomplish this, we...


Did Extensive Market Research

We interviewed customers and other successful realtors in comparable markets around the country, and applied tactics we discovered in our interviews to select and optimize our demographic/audience targeting.

tested unique ads for each demographic

Using our copywriting and design experience, we crafted personalized Facebook ads for each segment to customize and fine-tune our images and messaging for all of our target audiences.

Built an automated email campaign

We mapped out a strategy and executed copywriting for a sophisticated email drip campaign to qualify and score leads, ensuring the sales team only contacted real, warm prospects.



We reduced cost per lead by 78%, from $71 down to $15, in just 3 months. Their funnel became profitable after years of struggle, and the company vaulted into a new phase of unprecedented growth.