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Thank you for this opportunity to contribute to the growth of InfluenceBoard.

Your mission to provide a better alternative to cold calling and give back to charity while doing it is deeply aligned with our values, and we look forward to helping you make a big impact on the world.

I'm excited at the potential of establishing a long-term partnership leading your online vendor acquisition initiatives.

To a magical 2019,

Marcus McNeill




The primary objective of this project is to generate vendor sign-ups through the following digital channels:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn

We’ll take the reins of your Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn advertising campaigns to systematically find and engage with the “lowest hanging fruit.” We’ll work diligently to scale your paid media campaigns to a significant investment, which will necessitate a spirit of continual experimentation and curiosity.

That’s why we’d have a specialized, highly-experienced Media Manager (Nicolas Menchaca) and Account Manager (Rebecca Bowden) in your accounts making daily “hair trigger” optimizations on your Top of Funnel lead-generation campaigns.

Your highest ROI campaigns are guaranteed to involve diligent retargeting, which is why we’d create a hierarchical Facebook (which includes Instagram) and LinkedIn account structures and track your prospective customers across over hundreds of third-party apps and websites within Facebook’s Audience Network.

We’d also provide a dedicated creative team to conceptualize and produce new assets on a regular basis.

The greatest threat to your campaign’s long-term viability (at scale) is “audience fatigue.” That’s why we’ll scale horizontally (diversifying spend across various ad sets/creatives), not just vertically (increasing budget).

We manage your ad investment very much like a fiduciary manages a portfolio, except we can tilt the odds in our favor with conversion optimization.

In your lead generation, retargeting, and sales campaigns, we’ll determine your…

  • Cost per Link Click (CPC)

  • Sales Conversion Rate (SC%)

  • Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

  • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

  • Return on Investment (ROI)

    *with your help, we’d need to intimately understand your business model and associated costs

  • Lifetime Customer Value (LTV)*

    *with your help, this is a dynamic metric that can be estimated in a variety of ways with data collected in your backend systems

Knowing exactly how much you’re paying to acquire customers and how much a customer is worth is the basis of “Unit Economics.”

Understanding your Unit Economics empowers you to invest fearlessly and aggressively in paid advertising.

To create successful campaigns on the first try, we practice direct-response advertising and rapid prototyping.

Our customer empathy phase will begin right away as we conduct market research to identify patterns in pain points, core desires, motivations, purchase behaviors, and buying emotions. The goal will be to unearth insights to inform our messaging and targeting strategy (and potentially identify new niche opportunities).


VENDOR lead-gen campaigns

The greatest challenge of this project is the same as any new campaign: we haven’t launched, thus, we don’t yet know our Unit Economics.

In other words, we don’t know how much we’ll pay to acquire new vendor sign-ups (Cost per Lead), or what percentage of vendors will purchase a meeting (Sales Conversion %), or how frequently they will do so (which is an essential input for calculating Lifetime Customer Value). Once we do, it’s game time. We’ll be able to make financial projections that will inform the degree to which we scale.

To give ourselves a high probability of success, we’ll focus on warm audiences first: email subscribers, website traffic, page followers, page engagement, customers, video viewers, lookalike audiences, and cold, contextual audiences based on interests that embody your ideal vendors. If you haven’t already fleshed out buyer personas for your vendors, we’ll help you to do so.

We’ll be able to measure engagement in real-time, which will allow us to pivot on the fly and make the most of your initial testing budget.


We follow a rapid-prototyping methodology in our ad campaigns. With a relatively conservative budget, we’ll determine the most performant ad copy, graphics, videos, placements, and audiences.

We’ll identify the ad sets with the greatest potential ROI, optimize by re-allocating ad investment from the “losers” to the “winners,” and scale intelligently.

We feel bullish on the potential for success in the promotion of Influence Board to vendors. As a vendor myself, it’s an enticing offer to see which executives are interested in digital marketing and to be able to request a meeting with them in a non-intrusive, welcomed way.

We’ll gather behavioral data for advertising and email segmentation through tracking code/pixels. This will allow us to tie your retargeting initiatives together in a layered, “cascading” funnel strategy.

This is what I call a “Unified Front” strategy in which we launch a synchronistically-timed, coherent messaging strategy across all channels, starting with the big, obvious ones such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

We have a 100% success rate with lead-generation (all of our lead-gen campaigns have collected leads at or below target costs) and I expect us to maintain our perfect batting average for Influence Board.

Once we gather baseline data, we’ll be able to run performance projections based on Optimistic, Pessimistic, and Realistic scenarios based on industry benchmark data and our anecdotal experience (real numbers we’re seeing in similar campaigns/audiences).


Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are where we’ll start.

Facebook has 2.24 billion monthly active users (which is growing 14% YOY).

Facebook includes its Audience Network and Instagram in its placements by default, and there’s no reason to remove them unless they’re simply not converting as effectively.

Instagram has 800 million monthly active users, about half of whom are between 18-29 years old and spend an average of 32 minutes per day on the platform.

LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the world with over 500M users. No platform in the world has more accurate title/function/industry data to leverage for job-specific targeting.


Above all else, our goal is to drive vendor sign-ups and booked meetings.

We’ll do that by generating high-quality leads through all of the channels mentioned in the section above.


  • Influence Board | Magic Alignment Call
  • Brand/Market Research
  • Customer Avatar Research
  • Customer Empathy Interviews (2)
  • Get Access to Facebook Page
  • Get Access to Facebook Ads Manager
  • Place Facebook Pixels as needed
  • Create Facebook Conversion Events as needed
  • Get Access to LinkedIn Page
  • Place LinkedIn InsightTags as needed
    • Customer Empathy Findings Report
    • Facebook Ad Copy (9 variations)
    • Facebook Ad Graphics/Videos/GIFs (9 variations)
    • LinkedIn Ad Copy (9 variations)
    • LinkedIn Graphics/Videos/GIFs (9 variations)
  • Create Targeting Strategy
  • Build Facebook Campaigns
  • Build LinkedIn Campaigns
  • Quality Assurance Check
  • Final Content Review
  • Daily Facebook Campaign Optimization
  • Daily LinkedIn Campaign Optimization
  • Weekly Key Metrics Reporting
  • Monthly Results Analysis
  • Monthly Results Review Call
  • Ongoing Strategy Consultation
  • Ongoing Technical Consultation
  • Strategy Map 2.0 – A Plan for the Future

Your Team

Rebecca is an all-around digital marketing wizard with a passion (really) for analytics. She’s managed over $2M in paid media, has run dozens of SEO initiatives that successfully ranked sites on page one, and has optimized email campaigns for multiple 7-figure businesses - all while masterfully tracking results. If you want a data-driven strategy, consult Rebecca.

Rebecca Bowden


Jimmy served as the Amazon Advertising creative director for Financial Services. Prior to Amazon, Jimmy worked at American Express Publishing as the digital creative director for Departures, Food & Wine, and Travel + Leisure magazines. When not developing advertising campaigns at Magic, Jimmy teaches yoga and meditation.



Nick has managed hundreds of thousands of dollars in ad spend across a variety of industries from energy to real estate and e-commerce. He keeps tabs on spend allocation, making sure budgets are focused on what’s driving results. Nick is passionate about growing businesses that are transforming the world.



Evonna possesses a natural talent for bringing stories to life in a visually stunning way. With a keen eye for provocative aesthetics and a fiery, competitive spirit, she works hard, cares harder, and is fully devoted to making your brand beautiful. Evonna continually seeks inspiration from her surroundings, which is why she places an emphasis on traveling regularly.

evonna ramirez


Matthew is the most dynamic, emotionally resonant wordsmith we’ve ever encountered. As an insanely gifted rapper, poet, sci-fi novelist, and copywriter, he brings a bottomless reservoir of creativity and an everlasting devotion to the craft - and is hellbent on using the power of words to better the planet now and forever.



Paula has been managing projects in the tech/marketing industry since 2006. As a jack of all trades, she prides herself in being able to do whatever it takes to see tech projects through to completion. All of those frustrating tech tasks that have you wanting to smack the computer are a delight for her to accomplish.







“Magic did a marvelous job to get us to 65,000 campaign donations. Bravo! We’re part of the same revolution.”


“I’d recommend Magic to anyone wanting to grow their sales. The Magic team is on fire with purpose and dedicated to making an impact in the world by systematically scaling the revenue of purpose-driven organizations.”




We can create, build, and launch every aspect of funnel strategy pictured above: all of the ads, webpages, and emails. I omitted email marketing from this proposal, but if you need support in that area, we are happy to help. I started my career as an email copywriting specialist. Our packages are fully custom based on the scope of work.

For Package #1, your investment in Magic is broken up into two main phases of the project: Setup (months 1-3) and Optimization (months 4-6).

If you choose to add Package #2, your investment will be a one-time payment as needed.

For a tentative start date of July 1st, 2019, the payment schedule will be as follows:


In this package, we'll conduct market research, set up your accounts, place tracking code, create all of your Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn ads, and build and manage all of your paid media campaigns across each of those channels.

setup: months 1-3

$5,500 per month, due by the 1st of each month

optimization: months 4-6

$2,750 per month, due by the 1st of each month

package #2: web design & DEVELOPMENT (A LA CARTE ADD-ON)

In this package, we'll design, build, and configure any landing pages you may need.

1-month completion (or less)

$1,750 per page


No, the ad spend is not included. Your investment in us goes to our talented team. When calculating your ROI, we include both your monthly retainer and your advertising spend in the cost of investment (as well as costs to create/deliver your product/service). It will be crystal clear how much your investment in us is paying off.

Yes, we guarantee that you’ll get leads. We have a 100% success rate with lead generation. We cannot guarantee specific metrics because that would be pure speculation. We don’t speculate, guess, or make decisions based on opinion. We make decisions based on hard numbers. Once we have numbers, we can make financial projections. 

Our goal with any new campaign is to reach profitability as rapidly as possible. If you’ve run ads before, our goal is to blow your previous results out of the water.

Rest assured that we’ll treat your money like it’s ours. Our intention is to develop a long-term relationship with you, and we can only do that if we’re making you money.

That depends on how serious you are about growing your sales. A general rule of thumb for aggressive growth is to invest 1/3 of your Lifetime Customer Value (LTV) into customer acquisition. If you don’t know your LTV, we’ll help you estimate it. Once you’re empowered with that number (exactly how much a customer is worth to you), you can invest in advertising confidently, even excitedly.

Absolutely. The success of your ad campaigns is dependent on the conversion power of your marketing funnel. There’s no sense in running ads if you don’t have a clear strategy in place for turning leads into customers. We’ll monitor and report the performance of every asset in your funnel. If we identify a bottleneck, we’ll consult you on how to optimize for purchases. Ongoing, holistic marketing consultation is included in our monthly retainer. 

Keep in mind that we won’t make any changes ourselves unless it’s included in the scope of work. If you’d like to expand the project scope, we can make adjustments accordingly.  

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