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Copywriting Director

Who You Are

You’re a born generator who’s hungry to drive results for our clients because working with a purpose is your lifeblood. You get deep meaning from being on a team who is changing the world as we know it (for real). You take extreme ownership of your work and are open to constant (and loving) feedback. You eat personal growth for breakfast, take pride in charting your own path, and leveling up on the daily.

Role Description

The Copywriting Director works closely with the Account Manager, Copywriter, Designer, and the client to ensure that our team’s creatives…

  • Meet our high standard of excellence
  • Are angled towards the known desires and needs of the customer avatar
  • Are designed for conversions
  • Embody the brand voice and stay within the clients’ brand guidelines
  • Are interactive, beautiful, powerful, aspirational, and most of all, not boring or fear-based. That’s not our vibe.

The Copywriting Director takes ownership of…

  • The ideation of copywriting angles for ads, landing pages, email campaigns, sales pages, and any other asset involved in the creation of their marketing funnel
  • Providing training and guidance to copywriters and designers
  • Providing creative direction and feedback throughout the revision process

THe Nitty Gritty

We’re looking for someone who…  

  • Is obsessed with direct-response copywriting and has experience creating assets at every stage of a funnel
  • Has a keen eye for design and enjoys conceptualizing new content
  • Can provide creative feedback in a patient, clear, and direct way that nurtures the skills of our growing team
  • Is committed to continuous growth and charting their own path
  • Gets meaning and purpose from working with clients that are changing the world as we know it (for real)
  • Has 3-5 years of experience working in copywriting and digital marketing.
  • Takes extreme ownership of their work


CREATIVE Direction
  • Create an advertising angle for the creatives
  • Conduct market research, including Customer Empathy Interviews, 
  • Review clients brand assets
  • Collaborate with the Account Manager to determine a strategic approach
  • Lead creative brainstorm calls with the Copywriter and Designer to decide on angles and focal points for each target audience
  • Get creative feedback from the client and delegate revision requests to the team
Team Lead
  • Manage our Copywriters and Designers
  • Assess your team’s workload across multiple projects and keep the team on track to deliver on time
  • Make necessary changes to timeline and tasks to handle and challenges that arise
  • Post creative direction to Asana tasks for the Copywriters and Designers
  • Review content created by Copywriter and Graphic Designer and give constructive feedback for improvement
Client success
  • Lead periodic calls with the client to give project updates and review performance of creatives
  • Take responsibility for the overall success of the creatives in our marketing campaigns
Be Awesome
  • Bring your passion to work
  • Remain open and honest with your communication
  • Be radically open to feedback and willing to get outside of your comfort zone
  • Have fun
  • Take responsibility for your emotions
  • Take pride in your work
  • Never stop learning

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